Wonderful World of Milan-15.png

It's the second annual most fun FUNdraiser EVER!

Milan Main Street board and staff members are going to binge watch 77 hours of Disney movies and shows from the Milan Main Street offices. It's all happening from Thursday, September 16 at 7 AM - Sunday, September 19 at 1 PM.

While they are watching, we will also be broadcasting live from Facebook (harkening back to the days of the old-fashioned telethon). Special guests, fun challenges, and live entertainment will keep things lively.  We will also host a variety of fun Disney-themed events in Tolan Square over the 77-hour period.

Stay tuned for a schedule of events including hourly fundraising challenges, interactive activities, and specials guests.

Start making pledges to commit Milan Main Street board and staff members to their total viewing time, sponsor your favorite category or segment, or make a donation. 

PLEDGE - $1 and up


Milan Main Street board and staff members will spend a minimum of 24 hours during the 77-hour long marathon watching movies during The Wonderful World marathon. 


They each have a goal of raising $250 in pledges. For every $10 the receive over that amount, an hour of viewing time is added to their total. Who will have to spend the most time at the marathon? Pledge now and watch their viewing time climb!