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I believe downtown Milan is key to the city’s success, and my supporting Main Street is important to its continued growth. No one likes to see an empty downtown, so I would encourage people to give their support to Milan Main Street, too. 

Matt West

I support Main Street because I want a city/downtown area myself and my kids can be proud to live in.

Annie Baldwin

***Milan has made so many improvements for me and for you ….

Please donate $22 on 2/22…..

If your pockets can give more

Imagine the growth by 2024??!!!

*** More events, with tents, and bigger entertainment! 

We have all been working so hard to continue to make Milan a town we are proud to live in. Milan Mian Street has been an integral part of why so many people have moved to Milan and continue to invest in our community. I especially love 3rd Thursdays, Friday Music in the Square, and all the programs coordinated with downtown businesses. I believe a healthy and thriving downtown helps to support our entire community. Join me in donating $22 to show your support.

I support Milan Main Street, between the events, food, shopping, and friendships downtown is the heartbeat of this city. This is why I am giving $22 dollars to Milan Main Street. 

Josh Kofflin

Dave Baldwin

Milan Main Street connects downtown businesses with the resources that they need to survive and thrive.

Dave Snyder

I support Milan Main Street because I believe that small businesses are the back bone of a community. A successful downtown is a successful community. 

Rachelle McDaniel

The perception of Milan has improved as a result of the efforts of Main Street. The events and activities they plan help draw people from around the region to shop our business, visit our community, and even purchase homes here.

I love Milan Main Street because they are always innovative and seeking great ways to help businesses and help the city have more fun.

Milan Main Street has helped to create a vibrant business district that connects people to place and offers amazing views of Ford Lake, especially at sunset. I love being able to walk downtown where I can shop, dine, experience events, and connect with friends and neighbors. 

Liz Smith

All of the activities and events planned by Milan Main Street are fun. They support our economy and help others to see our community as a vibrant and charming place to live and to visit.

I love that Milan Main Street markets and promotes our businesses and our community in print advertising, on the radio, and on billboards. What they are doing showcases just what a wonderful place Milan is. The billboards on US 23 have been fun to see. 

Debbie Splitt

Aby Cryderman

Tony Thompson

I support Milan Main Street because our downtown is the economic driver for our city. Every donation helps support our businesses and supports the events MMS puts on all year.

Chris Baker

From empty buildings and a downtown which was only a drive-by, Milan Main Street's efforts have brought about bustling shops, community activities and a sense of place and belonging. It is vital we continue to support our Main Street Program in order to ensure continued growth and success in our sweet little downtown. 

Mary Kerkes

I support Milan Main Street because I believe that downtowns are special places in cities big and small.  Unlike fast paced business districts where people speed in for fast food, gas and convenience items, downtowns need to be the gathering places for people to slow down and interact with each other. Shopping, dining, a beverage or two, and even entertainment options are what downtowns offer to residents. Come enjoy your downtown, relax, and stay a while.  

Carrie Ritchie

Our family supports Milan Main Street because we love all the events they host that bring our community together and bring people to our downtown to support our local businesses

Cliff and Jodie Franklin

Ryan Wilman

Jade Smith

I think it is great that Milan Main Street offers grants to improve facades in our downtown and to support the purchase and installation of those charming signs that hang from the store fronts. Those grants are just one thing Milan Main Street does to help our downtown look attractive and appealing.

Ed Kolar

Downtown areas are the heartbeat of a city. Downtown Milan serves as our space to gather and connect as a community. Milan Main Street creates activities and opportunities which allow these connections to grow. I am proud to support Milan Main Street. 

Shannon Dare Wayne

We love everything about Milan! Milan Main Street, and the downtown businesses, have consistently put forth amazing efforts towards bringing the community together.

Main Street feels like an extension of home to me. The people and the places remind me of growing up, and I am forever thankful to be part of Milan Main Street and support all they do.

Maxine Tewsley

Tom and Kelly Faro

We believe that the Milan Main Street programs have been instrumental in the growth and development of Milan’s Downtown. It’s exciting to see our Historic Downtown become shinny and vibrant again! We’re more than happy to support their efforts! Thank You Milan Main Street ❤️ WhereYou Live!

Linda and Newt Squires

I have many reasons for supporting Milan Main Street, but the core of all of those those reasons is people. Supporting Main Street is supporting people. Supporting Milan Main Street means bringing people to our town and introducing them to our business owners. It's bringing them into our community and introducing them to new music, new artists, new talent and new vendors. Milan Main Street connects people to our community and each other. 

Jessica Meingasner

We are so happy to support our Milan Main Street. Our community shines brighter with each event that welcomes everyone and makes Milan a home to be proud of. We love our Milan Main Street! Community happens when we can all play together.

The Pendell Family

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